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'I've travelled the world, but KampungX’s guides are absolutely wonderful.'

'I chose standard hotels and the accommodation was great. The food was also fabulous – I was delighted with everything.'

'Thanks to the guide and the driver’s expertise, genuine care and consideration, I was able to fully enjoy South Sulawesi.'

'If anyone asked me for guidance around travel to Indonesia I would always recommend KampungX.'

'I was in awe when I saw the row of tonkonan in Toraja、a place I have always wanted to visit. Seeing the tau tau and hanging coffins reaffirmed for me the different views of life and death.’

'The tarsius monkeys were so cute, and it was very special to be able to see a group of monkeys with a pair of hornbills.’

'A great balance between allowing independence and providing assistance.’  

'The guides have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which really made our experience a rich one.'

'No matter what the car looked like at the end of the day, it was always clean and fresh in the morning.'

'The guides are always focused on our needs and a real professionals, never distracted by other things.’

'I always felt secure and safe, as the guide always made sure the driver had good rest and regular breaks.'

'The guide took note of our food preferences and worked this into each day’s menu without any issue.’

'The guides were really friendly, and yet always retained a focus on satisfying our needs as clients.’