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Kampung Expeditions offers the flexibility of travelling independently with none of the drawbacks.

You're free to do as you choose - follow your own interests one day, enjoy activities or sightseeing we've arranged for you the next.

Our tour leaders have acquired years of local knowledge and experience about the region, so you can get the most out of your travel. Your tour could take you trekking in a tropical jungle in Tankgoko, or drifting over coral in Manado's clear waters or weaving ikat textile in a Toraja village.

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when you’re discovering new places. Kampung Expeditions lets you choose the level of accommodation and travel that suits you, within the range available.

Local guides are our experts

Kampung Expeditions' guides are all locals who are passionate about sharing insights into everyday life in their region. They operate to the same professional standards as Kampung Expeditions and by partnering with local service providers, we are supporting local economies.

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Accommodation key part of your experience

Your accommodation is carefully selected by Kampung Expeditions from our extensive experience as local tour guides and itinerary planners. We base our choices on your preferred level of comfort and budget but there’s another important aspect – meeting the locals. Whether it’s a city hotel,  a family guest house or a homestay in a tribal village, your accommodation offers more opportunities to talk to local people and learn about local culture.

Food adds zing to travel

We know that Indonesia’s exciting food will be among your travel highlights. Every region has its own specialities that you can explore at your pleasure. We have a special food tour of Makassar, for example, where spicy Coto Makassar is just one of the dishes that will have your tastebuds tapdancing. From visits to fascinating local markets, to sampling new dishes at  ‘warungs’ (street stalls), restaurants and home stays in villages, you’ll be experiencing a huge variety of fresh flavours and exotic produce.